PRINCE CHARTERS • Ash Scattering & Burial at Sea Memorial Services

Sea Burial with Creative Traditions

Prince Charters allows guest to celebrate their loved one in many creative ways. Once during a sea burial charter, a family brought a basket with shells and small pieces of drift wood.  Prior to the ash scattering charter the family had etched a drawing or message into each piece of drift wood.

The family tossed in their special messages of love into the sea. It gave each person a special moment to reflect and connect with their mom, sister, wife, cousin, friend…. The family choose to throw in their pieces of drift wood after the traditional sea burial ceremony.

It was a memorable experience for all on board and we wanted to pass it on so others could benefit from this great idea. We are happy to share other experiences with you – if you would like to call us to chat about how we can honor your loved one in a unique way. We value cultivating the experience that will allow you to celebrate and honor your loved one in the way that you see best during your sea burial service.

Prince Charter’s home port is Huntington Beach, CA and offers several charter options. A luxury yacht is available for larger groups. Our classic wood boat is available for groups of 11 or less. Regardless of your request, we are happy to chat with your about what we can offer. Certainly, feel free to give us a call at 714-642-9711. While, we are happy to facilitate reasonable requests, we do still offer traditional sea burial ceremonies. Many families have requested space to read burial at sea prayers after the ashes are spread.

Many common questions our customers have in the process of booking a sea burial charter are posted on our website. We do welcome your calls with any questions or you can contact us online.

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