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Frequently Asked Questions
About Prince Charters' Memorial Services

The Ash Scattering service is 1.5 hours with most of the time cruising through a calm, beautiful harbor.  Each service includes rose petals from a dozen roses and a beautiful custom certificate with the date, time and GPS coordinates. The flower petals are placed under and on top of the ashes in our cloth lined basket creating a beautiful floral display.

The cruise begins with about 35 minutes through a peaceful harbor to the ash scattering site. The family may choose between the Seal Beach pier location or Surfside in Huntington Beach.  Once at the destination 10-15 minutes is available to share stories, have a ceremony or say goodbye any way you wish. (If your family would like more time, you can start the ceremony any time after we leave the dock for up to 25 minutes of time). When you are ready, the mate (or family member, if that is the preference) will lower the basket above the water line to scatter the ashes and rose petals.  The captain slowly circles the site three time, and in maritime tradition, rings the ship’s bell 8 times, signaling last watch.  We then cruise back through the harbor to the original boarding site.

Journey – Up to 31 passengers
Enclosed deck with large seating area

All wood Salon area with complimentary waters

Large restroom

Beautiful teak floors thoughout the interior

Bluetooth stereo – bring your own music for the cruise and/or to use as part of the ceremony

Plenty of blankets for cooler weather

Must be able to go up and down 7 steps to enter and leave the vessel. The restroom is below deck, so there are additional steps to the restroom

– Alexandria – Up to 11 passengers
Teak decks and cushioned benches with plenty of seating

Covered cabin with table and additional seating for 2 or 4

Portable restroom in an enclosed V-berth – low ceiling

Bluetooth stereo – bring your own music for the cruise and/or to use as part of the ceremony

Plenty of blankets for cooler weather

Must be able to go up and down 3 steps to enter and leave the vessel.

The boarding address is 3821 Warner Ave, Huntington Beach, CA 92649.  Plan to arrive 15-30 minutes prior to the charter. 

The first mate will meet you in the parking lot to ensure your guests park in city parking spaces and pay for parking.  He or she will take you to the boat once your guests arrive.

Please inform all your guests, that the yacht club is for members only, so unless you have reciprocals for the yacht club or are a member, do not enter the yacht club.

Yes, there is a pay station in the first row of parking (This is the row to park in, plus the section closest to Warner Ave). The cost is $2.50-$3.00 per hour and the machine accepts credit cards (excluding American Express and Discover).

If you see a sign that says “Yacht Club Parking” do not park in that space.

Yes, we have blue tooth stereo system, so you are welcome to bring music with you. Many families assign a family member the job creating a play list.

We make every effort to accommodate the charter, especially when family members are arriving from a distance away. We will not reschedule a charter for rain, unless the family wishes to reschedule. However, if the weather is unsafe, we will work with the famiy to schedule a new date.

In case the weather is on the cooler side:

Alexandria has a small heated cabin with a table and two benches and lots of warm blankets.

Journey has a large enclosed aft deck and a salon inside the boat. Even with rain, we can accommodate all passengers inside the boat.

You are free to wear whatever clothing you feel comfortable in. We recommend matching your clothing with the current weather conditions. Feel free to give us a call if you are unsure of the current weather conditions.

We recommend wearing rubber soles shoes, sneakers or deck shoes. For your safety and to protect the vessel, NO SPIKE HEELS PLEASE.

Feel free to bring any food or beverages with you. Keep in mind the charter is very short so it is best to keep it simple.  Passengers must be 21 years old to drink alcoholic beverages.

No Smoking, vaping or drugs (legal or illegal) is permitted on the vessel
– Maritime Law supersedes California law

With standard pricing the family has a choice between the Seal Beach Pier or Surfside in Huntington Beach.  We can go near Alamitos Bay if LA County is the desired final resting place.  If a specific destination is requested, additional costs may be necessary based on additional time needed for the new location.  Typical requests for longer charters are Huntington Beach pier, Dog Beach/cliffs near Goldenwest, Bolsa Chica wetlands, specific GPS location and Catalina Island. Call for custom requests.

The ashes are transferred from the container the mortuary provided, to a lined basket between two layers of rose petals from a dozen roses.   The basket is lowered by the mate, or if preferred, by a family member, to just above the ocean.  A second line attached to the bottom of the basket is pulled tilting the basket so the ashes and flowers flow into the ocean.

If the family has the ashes in a biodegradable container, either the mate or a family member will lower a basket containing the biodegradable container into the ocean. 

Family and friends are welcome to bring flowers or wreaths for the ocean immediately after the ashes are lowered. All flower ties or floral arrangement material must be made of biodegradable materials if being placed in the ocean.

Please bring the Ash Scattering permit with you.  Box 16A should read “Scattering off the coast of Orange County” or something similar.  If you need help getting a new permit, we are happy to assist.

For sunny days: Sunscreen, hat, sunglasses
For cooler days/mornings: In addition to the above items, dress in layers.

We provide on both weekdays and weekends. Weekday services can be customized to accommodate almost any time request.  Weekend times are more structured.

Yes, we are very flexible and do our best to fulfill all requests.

No. You are not required to have an Officiant to perform your service. Typically, family members and friends will assume the role.

We have the name and phone number to contact for the military honor guard provided by the V.F.W. (Veterans of Foreign Wars). There is no charge for this service by the honor guard; however, a donation to cover their personal expenses is appropriate. Veterans Honor Program.

Prince Charters was originally founded in 1965 by Captain Doug’s grandfather, Dr. Gilbert Prince. It all began with a love for the sea, and a priest who found a way to use that love to create a very special ministry to the bereaved.

The Rev. Gilbert Prince, then rector of St. James, South Pasadena, led a group of clergymen in persuading California’s legislators to change the state law so that ashes of a deceased person could be scattered at sea.

We will perform an unattended ash scattering service no more than 14 days after receipt (unless weather prevents us from going out).  After the service is preformed you will receive a memorial certificate listing the date, time and GPS coordinates.

Catalina unattended ash scattering services are scheduled periodically throughout the year.

We will provide you the exact longitude and latitude coordinates where the ashes were released.

The highest rated in the industry.