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Luxury Yacht Burials at Sea

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Ash Scattering / Burial at Sea Memorial Services on Journey

Ash Scattering /
Burial at Sea Memorial Services on Journey

Journey is a beautifully-restored luxury yacht for large families or groups that can hold up to 31 passengers for your ash scattering sea burial service. With ample seating inside and outside the yacht, your larger party is accommodated in comfort.

Journey provides a comfortable, elegant place to hold your special, personal memorial service. Say farewell to your loved one however you see fit. The first mate can participate as little or as much as you would like, and is sensitive and familiar with all cultural traditions.

We are here for you through your difficult time and make every effort to accommodate your needs.

The ash scattering service is 90 minutes, including cruise time to and from the ash
scattering destination. In true nautical sea burial tradition, the captain will ring the ship’s bell eight times after the ashes are scattered into the sea, signaling the last watch, and will then circle the site slowly three times in recognition of your loved one. You may also bring flowers to toss into the sea as we circle the site. This is a beautiful and memorable way to say goodbye to your loved one.

A customized certificate with the date, time and GPS coordinates is emailed within a week of the service. This background of the certificate uses a photo from your service showing the flowers floating on the sea with the coastline in the distance.

We have a wireless bluetooth stereo so a family member can bring special music to play throughout the cruise cruise and/or have a special song for the ash scattering ceremony.

Please reach out to us with any questions, concerns or requests. Your comfort is our top priority and we work hard to help you plan the service that meets your family’s needs.

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