PRINCE CHARTERS • Ash Scattering & Burial at Sea Memorial Services

About Our Ash Scattering / Burial at Sea Memorial Services

This is your special time to say farewell with your own personal service. The first mate will participate as little or as much as you would like in your burial at sea memorial service. We are sensitive to and familiar with most cultural traditions and faiths and are happy to accommodate your specific needs.

In true nautical sea burial tradition, the captain will ring the ship’s bell eight times after the ashes are scattered into the sea, signaling last watch, and will slowly circle the site three times allowing additional time to say goodbye. The service is 90 minutes.

We can serve families with permits for scatterings off the coast of Los Angeles County or Orange County.

  • All vessels are U.S. Coast Guard inspected and guided by a U.S. Coast Guard licensed captain.
  • First Mate prepares the basket with the rose petals and takes photos for the certificate only. We will never post the photos without your permission.
  • Receive a custom certificate documenting the exact coordinates, date and time of the service using a photo from your service as the background.
  • Bring your loved one’s favorite music to connect to our Bluetooth stereo.
  • For individuals who passed away out of state or families with permits that list a physical address, we can assist you in obtaining a new permit.

Additional Services

Apart from sea burial and memorial charters, Prince Charters serves Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino County by offering
multiple Huntington Harbour pleasure cruises.