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Prince Charters Ash Scattering

Ash Scatterings By Reverend Prince

History of Reverend Gilbert Prince

Captain Doug loved his Grandpa, Gilbert Prince with all his heart. He would do just about anything to spend time with him.  Doug started helping his Grandpa with charters at age 12. He knew early on that one day he would continue his legacy with Prince Charters. As a result, Prince Charters still continues the practice of offering ash scatterings along with other private boat charters.

Reverend Gilbert Prince, was the longest running pastor at St. James’ Episcopal Church in South Pasadena from 1952 to 1972.  He then moved to St. James Episcopal Church in Newport Beach working part-time well beyond his retirement in 1973.  He and his wife, Ellen, raised 7 children to be familiar with the sea. Additionally, he was a senior member of Los Angeles Yacht Club. 

Boat History

As a young man he did not provide services for ash scatterings but he built boats. Gilbert always had a boat of some kind.  He was not a wealthy man by any means. He traded a small piece of land for his first large boat.  As a skilled sailor he had no trouble handling his 34’ Easterling by himself and participated in many Ensenada races.  The Easterling was his 5th boat. Prior to purchasing the Easterling, it had been around the world and was close to sinking when crushed between two whales in the South Pacific.  It was this love for boats that he would later be able to combine with his passion as a clergy to provide ash scatterings.

Ash Scatterings Allowed

Reverend Prince, along with other clergy, and then Governor Reagan were instrumental in changing 1927 laws that prohibited survivors from recovering the ashes of cremated relatives from morticians for personal disposition. It was an honor for him to combine his ministry with his love for the sea. This allowed for ash scatterings to take place.

Upon retiring continued his boating lifestyle by offering local charters, marriages at sea, honeymoon cruises, retreats and, of course, ash scatterings.  Grandpa Prince also took 100’s of youth to Catalina Island every summer. If you would like to know more about the founding of Prince Charters, feel free to contact us.